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Find the perfect time to post on social media with our new free tool. Select your industry and the network you’d like to post to, and we’ll tell you the best times, days and hours to publish.

Find your best times to post on social

How does it work?

Our data

We pulled this data by analyzing social media posts from all industries, networks and time zones to see which times those posts received the most engagement.


The times audiences are most likely to engage on social vary by industry. This tool identifies the best times to post for the ten industries we have the most data on. If you don’t see your industry listed, check out the general best times to post or use Sprout Social to identify the best times to post on social media for your specific audience.


While some folks may start their morning checking out their Twitter feed, they might kick off their workday by looking at LinkedIn. That’s why the best times to post also vary by network. Choose which network you’d like to post on to ensure you’re scheduling for the highest engagement.

Identify your specific best times to post

Sprout Social’s patented ViralPost® technology takes the guesswork out of social media scheduling. ViralPost analyzes your brand’s engagement data to determine the best times to post for your unique audience. Learn more about ViralPost today.

Additional tips for scheduling your social content


Find what works

Look at your social media analytics to identify which posts have performed well in the past. If you can identify similarities in your strongest performing posts, you can use those insights when creating new posts.

Learn more about how social media analytics can help.


Vary content types

According to the Sprout Social Index, 54% of marketers point to video as being the most valuable content to hit their goals, while 53% say images, and 30% say text-based posts. Try different formats to see what your audience likes best,

Check out all of the findings from the Sprout Social Index here.


Perfect your captions

Your caption has a big impact on whether or not someone engages with your post. Test different copy in your captions like asking questions, sharing news, making announcements or asking users to take an action.

Struggling to find ideas? Check out our blog post with 20 ideas to keep your social media ideas fresh.

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