Boingo Wireless is one of the world’s largest connectivity providers, deploying world-class cellular and Wi-Fi networks at iconic venues around the globe. The global company designs, builds and manages public and private networks to power connectivity at all types of high-trafficked venues—from airports and convention centers to stadiums, hospitals and military bases.

Boingo provides next-gen wireless solutions that enable smart connected environments and needed a seamless social media management tool to support its award-winning customer care team. Boingo, which uses Salesforce Service Cloud, was looking to automate the social media service ticketing process to properly tag items of priority and filter out unnecessary noise.

A screenshot of Boingo's website that features their tagline, "Boingo simplifies complex wireless challenges to connect people, business & things." The page also includes images of the different industries they serve.

“When I came across the integration between Sprout Social and Salesforce, it was just what we were looking for—a solution we could easily transition to because it was compatible with Salesforce,” said Susan Nordquist, Senior Manager, Business Systems, at Boingo Wireless.

The integration between Sprout Social and Salesforce Service Cloud is one of the most flexible integration packages I’ve seen. They get a gold star for the smart design—and for using as much native functionality as possible.
Susan Nordquist
Senior Manager, Business Systems

An opportunity to “spring clean” keywords

Nordquist, who describes her role at Boingo as part data architect and part systems architect, was keen to find a solution that would complement the company’s current workflow without taxing internal resources. The transition to Sprout Social presented an opportunity for Nordquist to make adjustments that would help ease the administrative burden.

A screenshot of a Tweet from Boingo Wireless that reads: "Join Boingo, SoFI Stadium and the Minnesota Twins at SEAT 2023. From 5G to AI, we'll cover what technologies are boosting revenue, streamlining operations and wowing fans. Consider tomorrow's session your go to for all things 5G and stadium tech. #SEAT2023

Nordquist said she made “spring cleaning” of keywords a high priority. The solution to cutting down the noise, Nordquist said, was to rethink how the team was using keywords and target handles instead. Through this refresh, its customer care service agents can focus on responding to messages from customers looking for assistance.

Tweet from Boingo is displayed captioned "Coast to coast and around the world, U.S. military bases are adopting base-wide wireless networks from Boingo to keep troops seamlessly connected. Read the lates from @AFCEA #Military"

And because agents don’t have to spend time weeding through a never-ending stream of messages, they have more time to focus on high-quality customer care initiatives. We have reduced the number of cases that are created from social media channels by 89%.

Sprout Social is a fully mature social media management platform with way more functionality than I ever knew anybody needed.
Susan Nordquist
Senior Manager, Business Systems

Making the transition to Sprout

Boingo’s transition to Sprout Social was “extremely easy,” according to Nordquist. And while Nordquist said she was initially concerned about how challenging it might be to move the customer care agents to a new solution, the training process went smoothly. Nordquist said the Sprout team has been responsive to requests for guidance—like walking her through the process of keyword cleanup—and for customizations to suit Boingo’s specific needs. “Sprout has been quick to incorporate our feedback,” she said. “Our current version of the package is really solid. It’s one of the best integration experiences I’ve ever had.”

I was very happy with the level of detail that Sprout delivered. It’s clear that they care about setting up their customers for success.
Susan Nordquist
Senior Manager, Business Systems

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