How does a social team of three plan, schedule and publish content for 17 profiles across six Catalonia Hotel locations?

Life’s a beach for guests of Caribbean-located Catalonia Hotels. But with 17 different profiles to manage, the social team has its work cut out for it. Over time, the team’s come to rely on Sprout to keep everything running smoothly.

“The content strategy for hotel marketing can be pretty dense, and difficult to carry out across multiple locations,” said Digital Marketing Manager Maria Curts. “Using Sprout has shortened processes, helped optimize our content and increased the productivity of our community managers.”

sprout social publishing calendar view

Community Manager Ana Laura Montaño González agrees.

“Sprout is an excellent tool that helps us better plan and organize all our social content,” González said. “With the help of the calendar and scheduler tools, we’re able to save time by scheduling and publishing the same post across multiple profiles in just one simple step.”

Sprout’s scheduling tools allow you to post with precision–choosing the specific dates, times and profiles to which you wish to publish. You can then visualize your entire publishing strategy at a glance with the calendar, which gives you a bird’s-eye view of all your scheduled and/or queued content across every one of your profiles.

These publishing tools help team members save time managing individual profiles, allowing them to focus more on the brand’s overall content strategy. Sprout’s detailed analytics identify top-performing posts, providing insight into what’s working and what’s not.

“The Sent Messages report allows me to view all our previous posts in order of greater to lesser engagement,” González said. “Knowing which content has had the most reactions, reach and comments not only helps me choose which posts to reschedule, but also helps inform future content for maximum engagement.”

Through advanced publishing tools and in-depth reports, Sprout makes it a Caribbean breeze for this small team to create and manage quality, crowd-pleasing content across the entire franchise.

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