Integrations: Tableau

A source of truth for wider business insights

Sprout's Tableau BI Connector combines the power of social data with all your key data streams.

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Make the right decisions with a comprehensive view of your data

With Sprout’s Tableau BI Connector, synthesize Sprout’s robust social data in an omni-channel view, customized with the exact visuals and metric combinations you need. The world is your oyster, pull the data you want into Tableau, without requiring time-consuming development work.

Consolidate wider business insights

Understand how social fits into the larger picture by combining social data with data from every key business channel.

Build your perfect dashboard

Choose the metrics you want, slice and dice the data and customize the visuals to best tell the story of your social success.

Access data without the dev work

Easily connect Sprout’s rich source of social data into Tableau for custom visualization and dashboards, without needing expensive developer resources.

Create a full 360-degree view of your customer

Easily add social data into your Salesforce Customer 360 platform and workflows with Sprout’s Tableau BI Connector.

Get the full picture

Understand how social data interweaves with Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud data via Tableau.

Grow with Salesforce

Sprout’s global partnership with Salesforce ensures you can continue growing within Salesforce’s Customer 360 platform without missing out on key social performance data.

Dive deeper to define your story

We look forward to showing you how Sprout’s Analytics tools enable you to uncover new insights around strategy initiatives that matter most to your brand.

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