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Sprout Social’s patented ViralPost® technology takes the guesswork out of social media scheduling by calculating your best times to post and surfacing them for automated or manual publishing.

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Optimal Send Times powered by ViralPost®

A data-driven approach to managing your social content calendar that increases authentic engagement.

Driven by audience engagement data

The ViralPost® algorithm analyzes your audience’s engagement patterns, content velocity and other factors to detect the most active times for authentic engagement.

Optimized to improve your post times

Powered by ViralPost®, Sprout’s Optimal Send Times feature surfaces the best times to post right at the point of scheduling — calculated for each unique profile on each specific day.

A closer look at Sprout’s Optimal Send Times menu lists six different times, each with star ratings that indicate levels of potential engagement.

Sprout Queue + ViralPost®

Intelligent automation paired with powerful data that efficiently fills your social calendar while you focus on creating content.

Automated scheduling for effortless publishing

ViralPost® seamlessly integrates with Sprout Queue, our automated scheduling engine, so you can focus on crafting great content and spend less time figuring out when to post.

Highly configurable and easy to set up

Sprout Queue + ViralPost® gives you maximum control with minimal effort through profile-level configurations for distribution frequency and daily content spread.

It’s one of our favorite things. I honestly don’t think there are any posts that go out anymore that aren’t using Optimal Send Times.

Shelby Khan, Social Media Manager at Cloudera

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ViralPost® delivers real results—don’t just take our word for it.

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